This weekend we went exploring to see what was happening in Cole Valley.

I love to see what Urban Mercantile has to offer. I ended up buying my husband’s Valentine’s Day card there. I also checked out the new cheeses at Say Cheese.

Then my boys wanted to see the new Ice Cream Bar, which opened in an old grocery store. It was beautiful and besides ice cream it has a full-fledged soda fountain where you can get an egg cream, malted drinks, and almost any other soda concoction you can dream of.

The boys liked it best because the employees are called “jerks,” as in soda jerks. Where else can a 10- and 12-year-old call someone a jerk and get away with it?!

They ended up sharing a banana split and the banana was caramelized right in front of their eyes. Wow.

May your week be sweet.


soda choices

more choices

for egg creams


final product