RED Decor

I know this post is way after the holiday season, but I really wanted to write about the beautiful holiday party we did for one of our clients.

Although it was a "holiday" party, you can use the ideas from this party for Valentine's Day! Whether you are wrapping a present or throwing a party, get inspired by our decor below.

See my Pinterest page for our inspiration for this party.

 Table decor
 Menus that doubled as an escort card (on the flip side) 
are attached to grapevine napkin rings.
Crafty inexpensive wrapping. 
(The gift was a Himalayan Salt Block)

 Logo candy bar

 Beautifully decorated tables in Laurent Studios 
face an oversized succulent wall of art.
The mini-dessert bar was a big hit 
using the color theme of the party - red and brown