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The weather has been beautiful and sunny all week, what a surprise for San Francisco. We've all been taking advantage of the sunshine and getting outside at lunchtime.

We visited Salumeria on 20th Street in the Mission a couple of times this week. The spring menu is fresh and anything you order is delicious! Besides the amazing food, I enjoyed the lively atmosphere of the outside patio.

My obsession with Salumeria's chopped salad has begun! Not to mention, the presentation of the salad is very appealing. 

On Tuesday we headed over to SoMa StrEat Food Park. It seemed everyone had the same idea because it was packed with people out enjoying the various foods. There was music playing, patio seating, and all-around great vibes. 

It was a special treat on Wednesday when Samantha brought the team a fresh salad and a chilled glass of Pinot Blanc Mendocino. We all ate and caught up with each other on various topics and future plans. 


The Big Vision

After an extremely busy start to the year that included two major events along with a trip to Columbus, Ohio, we took a day to catch our breath and update our yearly vision boards.

Here is a look at the process...

Danielle was a welcoming host in her brand new Napa home!

Just like at any SSP event, we were well fed.

Including yummy bread.

And good wine.

Getting into the zone with our boards.

Out with the old, in with the new!

We also paused for a small birthday celebration.

SSP is already rocking 2014! Now a more a more honed vision.

Thank you to Danielle and David for sharing their beautiful home with us.

Back to the City, safe and sound.

Until next time.

Jessie -

On the pier

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to check out the America's Cup finals being held right here in San Francisco. Here is an inside look at my adventure!

My day started at The St. Regis downtown, where I picked up my tickets boxed in this really amazing presentation.

The St. Regis also sent me away with this really sweet Puma side-zip vest.

Once I was at Pier 27 and prior to the races, I was treated to an amazing lunch and able to take in some breathtaking views of the Bay. As you can see, it was a beautiful day for sailing.

During the races, I was able to post up in a spot where I could not only see the live action, but also the various angles being shown on the big screen. I was so close to the boats, I could feel them whizzing by.

One thing I loved taking in was the boats from former races they had on display at the pier.

I snapped this pic of an Oracle boat that had been retired.

All in all, a great day to be out on the Pier taking in beautiful views of the Bay along with amazing views of the City.

Thank you to our friends at The St. Regis for the wonderful hospitality.

Until next time,


The New Grand Hyatt SF

The New Grand Hyatt San Francisco

We got a fun invitation a few weeks ago to the re-opening of the Grand Hyatt San Francisco. They did a great remodel. The rooms were hip, yet approachable for our customers.

They even have TVs in the bathroom mirrors, very slick. 

Did I mention the views?! 

Check them out:


The Breakfast of Champions

This morning I decided to bring in breakfast for the team. I stopped by Dynamo to get some of their much talked-about donuts. I couldn't find the exact location, but then noticed a line of people waiting outside the door....and figured that was the place!

The day's flavors are pictured in the photo below....I got one of each - except for the sticky bun (nothing against it - just not my favorite).

My favorite flavor was the maple glazed apple bacon - it tasted like pancakes and bacon with some maple syrup. If you are going for a more "traditional" flavor, the coconut or chocolate will do the trick.


...We All Scream for Ice Cream!

Our team is back in the office after traveling for several events. We went on a team outing to Humphry Slocombe to find out what all the talk is about...

I ordered the Rosemary's Baby & the Vietnamese Coffee flavors with chocolate sauce. (But took a few tastes ahead of time to make my selection!) There was a burst of great flavors in every bite.

Here's me and Jake (I begged for this pic with him since he is now a local celebrity).

He told me it was their seven-month anniversary of being open - Congratulations on such a great business venture!