Bacon Bacon

Bacon, Bacon

Do I have your attention now? I said, "bacon, bacon!"

The Samantha Smith Productions team finally made it to the Bacon Bacon food truck this week and it was worth the wait. We shared a few items so we could try more than one thing, but frankly, it was also because everything looked so good. 

We had the Triple B Taco (pork butte, pork belly, bacon, Momma Lil’s Peppers, and goat cheese). Yum!

We had the bacon cheeseburger great!

                                              We had the bacon grill cheese good!

                      Lastly we had the chocolate-covered bacon with peanuts amazing!!!

We met the owner, Jim Angelus. He was cool and so were all of his employees, especially the girl who let us try her lemon Twinkie that she had procured from another food truck. 

To sum it up, it was great food prepared by fun people – no wonder it is so popular!

We hope to use them for an event soon. 

To check them out, click here.