The Finest Ham in the World...ON WHEELS!

A couple of weeks ago we had the honor of having a


master-carving demo at our office. Chef Teddy Rebollo personally brought his hand-crafted cart and his out-of-this-world


for an experience like no other.

Teddy contacted our team a while back and we checked out his website and instantly saw what a beautiful job he was doing – from his carving station cart to his website. We couldn't let him get away without hearing more. Sure enough, we were not only able to


more about his company, but the best part was that we were able to


what he had been describing.

Teddy took us on his


experience by walking us through all of his steps. First, Teddy told us a little bit about himself and his background in Spanish


and why he chose to share his love for it. Next he showed us how he sets up his cart and how it was made.

After that, he taught us a little bit about what we were eating. "Most of the best chefs worldwide consider Jamón Ibérico de Bellota 'The Finest Ham in the World.' It is considered one of the four finest gourmet products along with caviar, truffles, and foie."

We learned how the


is raised, cured, treated, set up, carved, preserved, and most importantly – how it is eaten!

We poured a splash of white wine for each of us, toasted each other, then sampled the finest ham in the world. Everyone's jaws dropped with delicious surprise. Coming from someone whose favorite meat is prosciutto, this wasn't even in the same league! Welcome to the big leagues ladies and gentleman! Teddy also makes a fantastic, flavorful tomato spread which he put on Spanish baguettes – which are also killer with the



We are so excited to work with Teddy at our future events and we will be jealous of the client who we use him for!

Thank you, Teddy for the finest demo of the finest


in the world.

Enjoy your weekend everyone, and try some


if you get the opportunity!