A Home Designer's Fantasy

Working with a group consisting mostly of women forces me to look at things a bit differently. Some of our team, plus a good friend of mine, Samantha's son Justin Fatheree, recently went on a site inspection for an upcoming event in Carmel, CA. After a fabulous tour and a good night's sleep at the beautiful Carmel Valley Ranch, we headed back home. Along the way, we came across a hidden gem.

Tancredi & Morgen

is a family-owned business started 27 years ago and passed down to the children of the original owners. They sell everything a home designer could imagine – textiles, soaps, tabletop items, books, furniture, vintage bits and bobs, jewelry, and much more. 

Samantha and Danielle were in their own little linen heaven! 

They were running around the place like they were six-year-old girls on Christmas morning. 

Even for a young guy like myself, Tancredi & Morgen got me excited to own my own home and it definitely forced me to notice the finer decorative options out there and the difference they can make in a home or even at an event we plan.

Next time you are in the Carmel area, make sure you find your way to Tancredi & Morgen. The only thing you may regret is the money you'll spend on all of your wonderful finds!

Thanks for reading and have a nice week.


Mélange Market

Today, I stumbled upon happiness at Mélange Market in the Mission.

Wow! Is there such a thing as love at first sight with a café? Seriously.  
 I had to scrape myself up off the floor, after falling so instantly 
in love.

 Mélange is quietly perched on the corner of 17th and Shotwell in the ODC building in one of the hippest (and grittiest) neighborhoods in San Francisco. Talk about being smacked with unexpected and overwhelming amounts 
of country, artsy, antiquey adorableness in one little creative gem of a café!

Though unassuming from the sidewalk, once inside you’ll discover a casual, colorful, inspiring, and eclectic mix of antique café and picnic seating, 

imaginative string art with egg beaters,

storybook-esque chalk murals,

handwritten chalkboard and glass windowpane signs,

an impressive pastry case, De La Paz coffee,

and no shortage of country-inspired floral arrangements and 
tiny, sweet details everywhere. 

The staff, who raved about owners Matt Semmelhack of AQ and 
former AQ pastry chef Maya Erickson, are also the artists who contribute to 
adorning the space with their creativity.

Mélange Market is by far my favorite new spot to stop in for a 
Parisian pastry and a little latté love.
P.S. Jessie pointed out that Mélange Market and I have the same initials, so I guess it’s Melanie and Mélange (MM + MM) 4ever. ;)

– Enjoy! Melanie