Ashlie's trip to NYC

For my summer vacation, I had the opportunity to visit what is known as the "The Concrete Jungle." This was my first time on the east coast and experiencing New York City. 

I thought I knew what I was getting myself into, since I've lived in San Francisco and am used to city life, but I was completely taken by surprise. New York City's population alone is overwhelming and there is so much to see and do. 

My first day started at 9 a.m. on the PATH train that brings you into Penn Station. I took a taxi to my first attraction, Central Park. 

 The Bethesda Terrace Arcade is the park's main architectural attraction. Walking around, you can see little children making wishes at the fountain, people taking family photos, and even people in decorative canoes floating around the park's reservoir. You almost forget that you are in a city.    

Bethesda Terrace Arcade

I saw several types of entertainment as I was walking around Central Park, such as street performers, dancers, painters, and even magic shows.

If you enjoy Italian food,


is the spot to go. The building is made up of Italian grocery stores and a boutique-style restaurant.

Enjoy the delicious Italian food and an awesome view down 5th Avenue

while sitting on the restaurant's rooftop.

Lunch time at Eataly!

Walking along 5th Avenue to the Meatpacking District

St. Patrick's Cathedral 

The famous naked cowboy and I!

Times Square 

It was an amazing experience to visit a city that is so vibrant and full of energy. I can't wait to go back!