Where we ate in London (part 2)

The London food tour continues. These restaurants are not in the center of London, but they are worth the trip. 

St. John Bread and Wine

We spent a day up Shoreditch, in East London. What a great area with fun shopping and wonderful people-watching! 

We did not get a chance to eat at one of the many great looking Indian places because we made a beeline to St. John Bread and Wine. We wanted to experience some of Fergus Henderson's nose-to-tail eating. Located close to Spitalfields Market and also Shoreditch, this is a very casual restaurant that encourages you to share things. It was wonderful. We walked in for lunch, but you should make reservations. 

simple green salad with amazing dressing. 
potato with fish, smoked Cod's Roe and Hen's Egg 

peas, pea greens, ticklemore cheese, olive oil 
toasted drippings bread with steak and horseradish creme with watercress

River Cafe

The River Cafe has been around for years. It is in the Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. Lots of people told us not to go as the menu was a bit tired, but we went anyway and boy, was it worth it! I had a fresh summer pasta with a clean chopped tomato and basil topping. Yum, I wish I could eat that today! Also they had the best chocolate cake I have had in years. It should be on your radar if you are going to London. You must make reservations.