Emma's View at "The Park"

 The idea of this event was conceived with the goal of bringing together our client's 750+ international employees and creating a more unified global team. Throughout the four-day event, their employees worked together, learned together, served together, and laughed together. 

As part of the production team, working with this company's staff was energizing and refreshing; the employees we interacted with during the event were motivated, creative, inspired, and kind. This company has a wonderful way of keeping the atmosphere friendly and open. SSP's team worked on the event for only five weeks and the end result was pretty fantastic. 

Each foreign office had their own bright yellow folly that was constructed to look like a famous landmark from their city and served as a classroom, presentation area, and workspace for employees. Keeping with the picnic theme, there were bean bags and fold-out seating for group break-outs and classes. All that was missing was a campfire! 

The attendees' jam-packed schedules included activities that fostered leadership and examined corporate goals, as well as fun learning experiences like soap-making classes, dance groups, and cooking tutorials. 

Between activities, "general sessions" brought together all employees at the large stage area (dubbed "The Great Lawn" to keep with the picnic theme of the event) to hear keynote speakers. The layout and agenda for the event promoted sharing, openness, learning, and bonding among team members.

Lunch is served! Food trucks from around San Francisco brought in local flavor for the international employees. 

The "family dinner" for all 750 employees was a big hit. The dinner was made by the company's internal kitchen and showcased the incredible food produced at their SF headquarters every day. 

The Sydney office offers a glimpse at their work and life "down unda."

Had tons of fun working on this event! It was incredible to see all the details come together to create such a exceptional corporate event. 

- Emma