A Story of Details

I love when you can see the vision behind an event, when the vision comes out in everything you experience – a vision created and the details thought through from start to finish. Last year we were lucky enough to be guests at one such event. 

It started with a fabulous save-the-date email from the Paula LeDuc team that opened up like a magazine.

Then to bring the experience to life, our Paula LeDuc sales team visited our office with a special delivery. Check out this fully loaded basket of treats. It made our day.

The party was at Beaulieu Garden in Napa. 

Once we arrived we quickly realized this party was not only beautiful, but it focused on our favorite foods of summer: corn, tomatoes, and peaches. Each ingredient had its own area and both the food and cocktails in these areas were made from that ingredient – delicious and creative. The setup made you want to explore each area to see how everything was made. 

Upon departure, we were once again presented with a wonderful basket, this time filled with – you guessed it – peaches, corn, and tomato seeds so we could grow our own tomatoes.

Thank you to the Paula LeDuc team, not only for inviting us to a great party, but for showing us that the pleasure lies within the details that our guests experience. Thank you, Thank you!