Sipping at the Sip Shoppe

This weekend I visited Swanson Vineyards
I remember the last time I visited, I got a kick out of their 
"Sip Shoppe" I just had to share!
 Alexis Swanson is the creative director behind this fun experience. 
You can read about her on her blog here.

 Inside the Sip Shoppe. Red, white, and blue all over.
The Swansons created this look by having a tent constructed inside the building!
There were bottles of wine with fun labels that kept us laughing. 
At $25 a bottle, don't believe the label on the "Expensive Wine," that's just for fun.

The "Instant Napa" really made me giggle since I live in Napa. I am bringing home a bottle to my family in NY for the holidays. I especially love the drawing by artist 
Jean-Phillippe Delhomme. Check out his other work here

 Their dessert wine – Angelica – is bottled in a perfume-like bottle. 
So fancy!
The vineyards outside...another beautiful day in Napa.