America's Cup Sailing!

Samantha and I had the amazing opportunity to sail an 85-foot America's Cup racing yacht last week with our favorite people from Montage resorts.  

An email telling us to dress causally and wear rubber-soled shoes in no way set us up for the adventure that we were in for!

The first order of business was getting outfitted in proper sailing gear – that meant red suspender pants (to keep us from getting soaked), a hat, and a jacket. It seemed a little much at the onset, but we were soon to find out that the gear was essential!

Sails up! Peaking at 115 feet, the main sail of the USA 76 is a sight to see...especially when sitting directly below it. We cruised the waters around AT&T Park as the crew – professional and amateur - prepared for the trip across the Bay to the edge of the Pacific.
The San Francisco skyline and the Bay Bridge are always a stunning sight to see, even more so from this perspective.
We raced across the Bay, tilted at a 25 - 30 degree angle and being pummeled by the wind and waves, to bring us directly under the Golden Gate Bridge just as the fog began to lift. What an adventure it was getting there, and so worth the view!

A HUGE thank you to the Montage team for a truly incredible experience! Something that we will remember for a lifetime!

~ Merideth