Los Angeles with A Lot To Say!

During our business trip to Los Angeles, we stopped by Fred Segal to get a little bit of inspiration.

What caught my eye most were the products from A Lot To Say. This Danville, California-based company is creating a range of products that they hope will help to facilitate important change in our planet, our politics, our world, and our future.
  • Every single product they create is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles that are broken down into incredible fabrics. (Just one single tee saves over 60 bottles from going to landfill.)
  • In addition, they use an exclusive no water dye technology. (One traditional cotton tee takes over 700 gallons of fresh water to create).
  • This means every item is 100% toxin-free, wears up to six times longer, and will never return to landfill.
And to top it off, all products are made in the United States!

Here is my favorite. I thought this was a great T-shirt for tourists and locals from my home town.