Rainy Day Fun

Although we are now enjoying a beautiful week full of sunshine and wonderful breezes in the city, it was not the case last Friday! But a little rain has never stopped us from having an adventure. We decided to take a trip to Anthony's Cookies to try out a few of their tasty treats and satisfy our sweets craving.

The simple set-up inside was really cute, loved the milk bottles as decor underneath the counter.

Check out these amazing flavors. I ate a delicious chocolate chip cookie that I would highly recommend. I also bought an assorted dozen of cookies and cream, white chocolate chip, toffee chip, german chocolate, double chocolate chip, and peanut butter as a gift and they were a big hit!

Old-school milk in a bottle from a local dairy farm to wash down our cookies.

The famous Anthony even took some time out of his busy day to take a photo with the SSP girls. He had been up since 3am working in the bakery and yet he is still all smiles.

You can tell that Anthony has a great relationship with his customers. He knew many of them by name and their usual picks even before they reached the register. His friendly and positive attitude is easy to see and I will be back soon to try out more of the flavors!

You should definitely stop by to taste these cookies for yourself.
Anthony's Cookies
1417 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA
415 655-9834
Mon - Sat 11 - 8 pm
Sun 11 - 5 pm

I hope this satisfies your sweet tooth.