Happy Birthday Danielle

The title says it all, but I will say it again - Happy Birthday Danielle!!
To celebrate Danielle's birthday we went to a new restaurant in San Francisco, Marlowe.
We had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the space and the food.

The space was small, but very warm. We love their tables and all the little details throughout - take a look.

All the food we tried was fresh and wonderful, including:

Brussels sprouts with Meyer lemon zest - amazing!

Little gem lettuce salad with avocado - yummy.

The best hamburger I have had in years.

Warm deviled egg sandwich with jalapenos - a warm treat.

No meal with us is complete with out dessert.

TCHO Chocolate Pudding with whipped cream - TCHO chocolate rocks!
Meyer Lemon Curd Cake with whipped cream - delightful.

We highly recommend that you check Marlowe out before it gets reviewed and the lines start forming.


330 Townsend Street, Suite 101

San Francisco, Ca 94107

Telephone 415 974 5599

Bon Appetit. Samantha