Abbot Kinney

Several weeks ago Danielle and I took a trip to Orange County to look at a hotel. On our way back to LAX we usually stop by Fred Segal to see what is happening in fashion, but this time Danielle suggested we check out the shopping on Abbot Kinney in Venice.

We had a great time exploring the stores and we also had time for a wonderful lunch with our good friend Dan at Gielina’s.
One of my favorite stores on this trip was Bountiful. Check out the cake stands in the pictures. I wanted one in every color. Not a store you want to be in during an earthquake, but I think you will see an event inspired by the abundance of cake plates.

We also saw lots of succulents, a trend that continues this spring.

If you have time next time you are in Southern California, stop by Abbott Kinney for the afternoon.


Out and About in Pacific Heights

If SSP gals are one thing it is adventurous!

We are always looking to try something new and this week was no exception. We celebrated Danielle's birthday by indulging in a fabulous lunch at Citizen Cake. It was delicious! We ended the lunch with a tasty array of desserts including this cupcake, sooo good.

After our stomachs were satisfied we hopped over to the Jonathan Adler store for some visual inspiration. I think we all were in love with the bright, happy colors that were on display. Not a trace of beige in this store. Even though the colors were super bright, the mixing and matching of patterns and colors looked great. Two of our favorite snap shots from the store.

"Happiness is Chic"
These candles smelled amazing, I loved the grapefruit.

Hope you all are enjoying your week!