What's in the box?

Inspiration all the way from Åre, Sweden! It is always an exciting day when one of our subscriptions is delivered. Today, we received a package from NorseBox

We instantly loved the packaging and this clever sticker. 

Thank you NorseBox for a little taste of Nordic design!



Tee Pee

I am addicted to Pinterest. There, I said it. On a positive note, it helps keep me organized with all of my design projects. The negative side is it takes me down an internet rabbit hole for hours at a time!

I was recently browsing and found this must have item for my cat Toots! OMG - a cat TeePee.
Gotta have it right? It's made by Tails End.
Well, it's costly, but if it gets my cat to stay off our bed at night it will be worth it!

So, the tee pee arrives. I have to bribe him to get in with catnip. 
So far, he is sleeping it in, part of the night. Hopefully he will make it his new home soon.
So cute!


I never know where or when I will find inspiration for an invitation or packaging. Today my son Jack and I were walking to Peet's Coffee and Tea to get some tea and I heard Jack say to me, "Mom, what are you doing picking up that bag off the street?" I said, "I like the font and the shapes on the bag." 

Ten minutes later after I took some photos and threw the bag out, Jack said, "What are you going to do with that photo?"  I said, "I am going to blog about it and then I will put it up on Pinterest so I can keep it in mind for when I want to design an invitation or a backdrop for a stage." Jack said, "Well, we never eat at fast food places, so you might as well be inspired by them mom."

Yes, Jack in the Box, I love your logo. Good job.