Taylors Gourmet Deli

SSP Goes to Washington DC

Last week Danielle and I had a great opportunity to go to Washington DC and present to a potential new client. We took an extra day to explore the city, look for inspiration, and enjoy true summer weather, which is something we never really have in San Francisco. We loved DC and probably walked three or four miles a day just looking around.

Here are just a few things that inspired us:

Taylor's Gourmet Deli - we read about this place in Dwell on the plane ride to DC. It was a great space with killer sandwiches. The guys who opened it live above it and have a great sense of style. We wish them lots of luck.

check them out in Dwell: http://www.dwell.com/articles/hoagies-heroes.html

We also loved cakelove. We did not get cupcakes because it was 10 a.m, but I did buy the cookbook so I can make the mojito cake!

The trip was not all about food; we also saw great architecture, including this 7 Eleven!

We hope to go back to DC soon.