When Instagram Strikes

I sometimes wonder what the effects of Instagram are on my behavior. Do we see things and want to buy them, eat them, or maybe wear them?

Just the other day I saw the Instagram below. I took a picture of it and sent it on to my husband and 12 hours later we were having dinner at WesBurger 'N' More. I was fully influenced by the pictures on their Instagram feed.

What I sent my husband

Well, WesBurger did not disappoint. My family decided they had the best tater tots we had ever had. My hamburger ("The Hot Wes," pictured below) was covered in onion rings and pickled jalapeños. 

The decor was easy on the eyes. 

Next trip we will try their Nashville Hot Chicken to see how it compares to Prince's Hot Chicken, which we loved so much in Nashville.

Details coming soon. 


Welcome to the Neighborhood

Last week, our team had the opportunity to see a brand new space opening right in our backyard, The Pearl SF.

It is a renovated industrial boiler and welding works building, which adds a certain style and sophistication factor that we don’t always see.

The first level is a beautiful open space with amazing art and sculptures by Alexis Laurent. We love anything that Alexis in involved in because we know it will be beautiful. 

We love the tiles in the women’s bathroom. It’s in the details!

The second floor has a great view of the old cranes that will be transformed into beautiful suspended gardens.

Having a rooftop space is an anomaly in San Francisco and we are excited about planning a great party on their rooftop. We are also excited by the great line-up of vendors they already have, including Birite and Gotlight

So thrilled this remarkable space is opening this spring!