Do you Pin?

Here at SSP we are a tiny bit obsessed with a little site called Pinterest.
You may have heard of it, it is amazing!

Currently in beta testing this site is an amazing way to collect all of your visual inspiration and keep it in one place. You virtually "pin" a photo you find from a website onto a "board" you create online. Pinterest allows you to curate boards and create your own topics. It even allows you to save the link to the photo you choose so you never need to worry about remembering where you saw that great item online.

I have one called "Color" for an event I am working on with a gradient color theme.

Here is a sneak peak at what my board on Pinterest looks like in the big picture and what the individual "pins" look like...

You can follow also friends and other "taste makers" by industry or theme to see what they are "pinning."

They are still working out some kinks but overall this is a great site.
Request an invite from Pinterest to join here!