Kristine ash vineyards

Great Packaging, Even Better Wine

We all know that here at Samantha Smith Productions, the packaging of a gift can be more important than the gift itself. We are always inspired by people who think differently about how to package something we see every day.
Enter the wine case from entre nous! Wow what a wine case it is. Check it out.

I love that it is not the typical material, I also love that the box takes into consideration how wine should be stored.

Then there is the non-foil topper for the wine, lovely again.

The bottle is so crisp and clean; you know the wine is going to match it.

Now to the wine. Paul and I shared a glass of this other day when it was warm out (ok that might have been a month ago!). It was truly amazing. Check out the website for more information.

Full disclosure - I have met Kristine on several occasions over the last few years once at a mutual friend's birthday party and then at one of our fundraisers. In fact I bought this wine for the box and then later found out that it was Kristine's wine.
Great job on your wine Kristine, I hope to run into you soon. Samantha