Sometimes you get paid to go to lunch

Recently we chose a place to hold an upcoming board dinner, but after inspecting the restaurant, we realized it didn't meet our expectations. We decided to search for something new and different, but ended up going back to an iconic SF restaurant we'd used before. Kokkari, what took us so long to come back?

When you enter you are greeted like an old friend and you instantly feel at home. You smell the meat roasting on an open fire and you see the open dining room that feels more like a living room. 

We were quickly reminded of how good the service was as the staff answered our many questions and guided us to dishes that will work well for our group. We had some Greek classics like spanakopita (phyllo dough around spinach and cheese), chicken skewers, and some new dishes including zucchini cakes (I am still thinking about these and wishing that I did not have to share them). We also had an amazing lamb chop and Jessie tried the grilled shrimp. All the food was wonderful. 

We were so full, but work is work so we had to try dessert as well. We knew we would order the chocolate cake for our guests as we had seen it while walking to our seats so we did not try that. But we did try the Greek version of doughnuts and again I wish that I did not have to share them with Jessie, but I did. 

Here we are at the end of meal, very happy, but back to work we went, feeling full and secure in the knowledge that one of our clients was going to have a very good meal in May. See you soon Kokkari, you are back on our list of favorite spots to eat in SF.

Thanks. Samantha