With all the interesting, inspiring, creative, exciting, innovative, artistic, clever, musical, quirky, and tasty local offerings, hardly a day goes by when we're not insanely 


Not to mention, the city is ridiculously beautiful (duh),

even when @karlthefog rolls in to charm us with all his foggy presence at the GG bridge and around the bay. 

So when SFGate announced 



we were primed to jump right in and celebrate all over town, all day long. 


is a city-wide celebration of San Francisco. Held on Wednesday, November 5, 2014, this was a day to honor all of the things that make our great city so unique – be it our diverse communities, our eclectic history, our trendsetting nature, or our commitment to innovation. San Francisco showed its pride through events, art, music, special promotions, parties, and, of course, by wearing the signature color, red. 

(Did you know red is the signature color of SF? Neither did we! Consider yourself informed.)

Check out how we celebrated 


First stop, breakfast in the Mission at

Craftsman & Wolves

– yum!

Next, we worked a little, checked in with our clients, kicked butt on a few events, and then stopped for lunch in SOMA at

The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen

for a Mousetrap and a Moscone – yum! Throw in the iconic and eclectic grilled cheese wall art and (bam!) you're in grilled cheese heaven in SF.

With happy bellies, we headed to

826 Valencia

to write

Love Notes

because SF reminds us that when you give love, you get love. 

A quick stroll through

Dog Eared Books

reminded us to enjoy the feel and smell of real books 

(remember that?) 

and to 

slow down for

the art of reading...


 home was a new find for us. 

It was really, really, really hard for us to leave behind the inspiring home-décor ideas. We'll be back! 

Paxton Gate

for the ever-so-curious wonders of taxidermy and air plants...

with an occasional skull or shrunken head... a must-see in SF!

Finally, we topped off the night under the stars in the Presidio at the grand finale event: food trucks, picnic blankets, photo ops with drag queens, and a lively performance 


Wonder Bread 5





Now, get out and go celebrate next year!

~ Melanie