Philz Coffee ... More than just coffee!

Philz Coffee

For Ashlie's birthday we journeyed to Philz Coffee in SOMA. We went to get three delicious coffees, but came out with a whole lot more! The extra goodies made us fall head-over-heels for Philz.

I have always preferred tea, but Philz Coffee has made me reconsider! We had a wonderful time ordering from Youmis, who customized each of our drinks to our liking. Melanie and Ashlie ordered the Turkish Coffee and I ordered Jacob's Wonderbar. Since we were new and had trouble deciding on our order, Youmis made us a Philtered Soul to enjoy, on the house.

When I ordered Jacob's Wonderbar, I was introduced to the man it was named after, Jacob. As we were leaving, he chased us down with three baklavas to try. Only later did we learn that Jacob is the CEO/owner of Philz Coffee – it was a great surprise and made our day!

Philz Coffee

on the corner of Berry and 4th in SOMA

Words of wisdom from Philz Coffee while you wait to order.

Jacob's Wonderbar - a dark roast coffee with chocolate, nuts, and cloves. 

Don't forget to top it off with a mint leaf!

So many different choices, from dark to light roast, specialty coffees, and teas.

Thanks Philz Coffee! 

We can't wait to come back and hopefully see Jacob and Youmis again.

~ Hayley