Ashlie's first 2 weeks with SSP!

Welcome to SSP!
So excited to sign the official paperwork. No, it was not an April Fool's joke, April 1st was my first day with SSP! I worked with Samantha and Danielle and was greeted with beautiful orange tulips.
One of the many reasons I love working for SSP is the location. The open office and tall windows make it an enjoyable place to do your work.

Tuesday was a beautiful sunny day. Samantha took the team out to lunch at the The Ramp. I had such a great time laughing and listening to all the stories they shared with me.

(missing a few!)
I am very excited to be working with a creative and inspiring group of people. From the past two weeks, I can tell that this hard-working team enjoys what they do and being with each other.  I am looking forward to my future and fun with Samantha Smith Productions!