SSP 's Visit to Moffett Federal Airfield - Hanger Two

Despite driving past it on the US-101 hundreds of times, I had never had the opportunity to visit Moffet Federal Airfield. This venture was well worth the wait.

View of the Hanger Two as we entered.

View from the inside of this massive structure. The rafters overhead are made entirely of wood. 

Another view of the wood rafters overhead. I was highly impressed to learn that this structure was built without using metal components. 

Up close and personal with the SolarImpulse aircraft. Currently being housed at Hanger Two and traveling the world via solar power. 

Homage to the Black Cat Maintenance painting on the wall.  Also a closer look at the wood rafters. 

The famous Hanger One. Even retired and skinless, this structure was unbelievable. 

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