Into the woods...

Muir Woods day trip. 

Melanie and I recently had the joy of taking a day trip to Muir Woods. Here is a snapshot of us leaving the SSP office, on our way to the Ferry Building where we met up with our tour guides and set off on our journey. 

After taking a brief tour via bus through the city and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, we stopped at Marin Headlands lookout and were treated to this view. 

Next we hopped back on the bus and headed toward the woods! 

Articulated by Sam, our very knowledgeable tour guide, we were given a detailed history of Marin County's development as we passed through Sausalito and weaved our way into the hills. 

This was my first trip to Muir Woods and what greeted me there was an amazing treat. Living in San Francisco and being surrounded by concrete in every direction, sometimes I forget how peaceful it is to be in a natural setting. Also, it's so shocking that this sanctuary is so close to the city. 

Snapshot of the beyond-tall redwood trees.

Before heading back to the city, we took a quick pit stop at Muir Beach lookout to checkout the coast line. Above is what we saw at the edge of the earth.

Our tour even had a surprise ending! Instead of busing back to the city, we took the Ferry. This is the spectacular view of San Francisco from the Sausalito ferry plaza. 

This gave us both a close encounter with Alcatraz and an amazing view of the Golden Gate Bridge accented by the winter sunset.

Until next time,