Sometimes we have to pinch ourselves (and our expanding waistlines) 
because of the many delicious research projects 
that help make us great event planners.

“Inspect what you expect” is a famous Samantha-ism! 
Last week, we did just that.

We invited 9Catering to our office for a tasting. 
Here’s a snapshot of what the inspired and passionate husband-and-wife team 
dished up and served us for lunch!

Organic cherry tomatoes stuffed with tarragon egg salad, salt-roasted beet stacks with peppered chévre and roasted walnuts, toasted flatbreads with Vermont cheddar and homemade quince paste

Watermelon, feta, and mint – so refreshing!

Romaine bundles with parmesan crouton, almond milk and lemon ranch dressing (salad you can eat with your hands!)

Herbed pearl couscous with vegetable confetti served in petite bell peppers

Pan-roasted halibut with olive-pistachio tapenade

Seared skirt steak with chipotle aioli and caramelized onion
Fig, plum, and almond pudding cakes and two-bite cheesecakes with huckleberry balsamic compote

The food was fresh, seasonal, colorful, organic, and made with fine ingredients. 
The presentation was whimsical and inventive – easy-to-eat small bites that were 
both delicious and fun to eat. Perfect for cocktail parties.

Many thanks to 9Catering for exceeding our expectations and 
serving us an impressive tasting of 10 dishes. 

Cheers to happy bellies and healthy fuel for our hard-working event team!