Jessie's view

As the newest member of the SSP team, I have been baptized by fire into the event-planning world.
From day one with the Mix Mashup, I have been asked to hit the ground running and help solve the logistical puzzle that each event presents.

Our office in the Dogpatch District of San Francisco is the laboratory that we create out of.

Here is a peek inside:

- Sweet view of the Bay!

-Tools of the trade

-Where the head honcho sits

I have been lucky enough to have a great group of women to mentor me in this process.
I have learned a ton so far, including: Don't plan a meal for 600 people on an empty stomach and that the printer always breaks the day before an event. :-)

Besides all the great food I get to eat, the amazing venues I get to visit, and the inspiring people I work with, the best thing about being on the SSP team is that every day is distinctly different from the rest and presents new challenges and opportunities.

I owe a special thanks to all my teammates for helping me fit in.

Until next time.