The Mix Mashup

The Mix Mashup... From the Eyes of a Summer Intern

As a current fourth-year college student studying recreation, parks, and tourism at Cal Poly, I have had some great experience putting on events. During my first week at Samantha Smith Productions I was introduced to some of their upcoming events, one of which was The Mix Mashup. 

The Mix Mashup was different from any other event that I have ever attended. This was my first experience with corporate events and I absolutely loved it! Monday was our event set-up day and we got a lot done. The venue, Laurent Studio – an art gallery in San Francisco – was transformed into a corporate meeting place. The different rooms functioned as a meeting and stage area, a break room for lunch and the cocktail hour, and a coffee shop that also allowed attendees to pick up books from their favorite speakers.

Registration started at 7:30 Tuesday morning. Three of us stood outside testing out the new Eventbrite entry application on the iPad. As attendees checked in they would head inside and enjoy the early morning breakfast catered by Paula La Duc. Mini quail egg sandwiches, oatmeal, mini pancakes, and other breakfast appetizers were served. Once breakfast was finished, participants took their seats for the first sequence of speakers.

At the morning break, participants had time to get up and stretch, grab some coffee, and even get some fresh air. After a quick 20-minute break, they headed back in for the next sequence of speakers. During this time our lunch vendors were arriving and setting up their food trucks right outside the studio. Ebbetts, Tacolicious, and Pizza Politana  as well as Paula La Duc served lunch for the participants. 

The event was flowing very smoothly and the transformation of the lunch room to the cocktail room, and the coffee shop to the VIP lounge both followed this smooth pattern. All of the guests had a very enjoyable day and it was a great first event to be a part of!