Happy 50th Birthday Steele

As many of you know we have an office in Todos Santos, Mexico, where Steele and his lovely partner Lynne work. We call the office Samantha Smith Productions Sur. Lynne creates our websites and manages all of the registrations and Steele searches for hotels and negotiates all the hotel contracts.

We were all a bit sad yesterday that Steele was not in our office to celebrate his 50th birthday in SSP style, which includes the birthday boy or girl wearing a crown for the day and going to a big, fun lunch.

As Steele's little sister I am proud to say what a great brother he has been to me and how happy I am that he is part of the SSP team. Steele rocks. So since we could not embarrass him by forcing him to wear the birthday crown, I will share a few pictures of him with you.
Steele with mom

Steele hanging with mom and me

Hip teen

hard at work in SSP south

hard at work at an event with Lynne and I

Steele and Lynne enjoying a sunset

Steele and his daughter Tahryn

Steele zipping away

Love you Steele.