An SSP Baby Shower!

What else would an office of event planners do other than throw a BEAUTIFUL luncheon to celebrate one of their own?!  There will be a new member of the SSP family joining us in less than 2 month's time!

A table set with single blooms and beautiful china.....
Fresh-pressed blueberry mint lemonade, Prosciutto and tomatoes straight from the garden, Padron peppers, and figs to start.

Salads to refresh and grilled cheese made to order with whatever fixings you chose.  Yum! And to top off the afternoon, Kara's Cupcakes for dessert with a selection of loose-leaf teas brewed by the cup.  An absolutely LOVELY afternoon, with a group of absolutely LOVELY ladies. 

THANK YOU SSP for a perfect day (and yes..the 80 degrees and sunshine added to the perfection of the afternoon).  I couldn't be more excited to introduce you all to our baby boy once he arrives!

~ Merideth