Getting ready for the Farm!

One week from today our team will be out at Frog Hollow Farm setting up for Peaches & Tango - a fundraising event that is benefiting the Chez Panisse Foundation and Alice Water's Edible Schoolyard.

As we like to be creative in our approach to decor, our office tends to become a craft center, staging area, and delivery location in the weeks before an event as we purchase, create, and receive the various elements that will make our event come to life!

Nothing like 90 lanterns, packages of mason jars, cut plywood, and mini clipboards to get us in the spirit of this farm-themed event! As we roll into the event week, all these elements will come together and we look forward to posting pics of the finished product from the event next weekend!

Think of us like a year-round Santa's Workshop, making our ideas come to life!!