Band of Wives Event

Last week was our event for A Band of Wives. A Band of Wives is a sisterhood of women we do events for, run by Christine Bronstein. We love working with Christine and her husband Phil Bronstein since they are supporters of many important issues that effect women.

This particular event was supporting Sharmin Bock who is running for District Attorney in San Francisco and it was also a birthday party for Christine and her friend Teresa. To see pictures of the event go here.

It has been great to work with the wonderful vendors that Christine has pulled together. Sweet Relish catering, Salvador Santana and Jared Meeker, The Jimmy Dillon Band, Funny Frank, Bay Side Entertainment, and Drew Altizer Photography to name a few...

The best part of the night (for me) was getting to meet Stephan Jenkins from Third Eye Blind! I have been a huge fan of the band for years. Stephan played a few songs at the event.
Not only did I get to meet him, as the event planner I got to chat with him about the planning of the event...tough job but someone had to do it!