Red Burgundy and Pinot Noir....Same or Different?

Who doesn't enjoy a little wine tasting to finish the day?! We certainly don't mind, and courtesy of our in-house Food & Beverage director, we were treated to our first monthly SSP Wine Tasting yesterday afternoon.

To launch this monthly office event, our wine aficionado brought in three different Pinot Noirs...actually, make that one Red Burgundy and two Pinot Noirs. Made from the same type of grape you would assume the wines would be called by the same name, however the first difference is that a Red Burgundy can only be produced in the Burgundy region of France. All other wines produced from the Pinot Noir grape go by the name Pinot Noir. As the tasting commenced, we found that the name is not the only difference.

Red Burgundy wines tend to be lighter in color, and have more acidity whereas a Pinot Noir from California or New Zealand (regions our tastings derived from) are darker in color, fruitier in taste, and have a higher alcohol content. The level of acidity in the wine depends on how long the grape was ripened before being harvested to create the wine.

I am sure I can speak for us all in saying that we will enjoy this new addition to our office activities! It was a great lesson on wine and I know we will be able to apply our knowledge to selecting wines for our next event!