Over The Big Top

In my world I see a lot of weddings and events, whether it is planning one, attending one, or seeing one on all the blogs I follow. I recently was on a 6-hour flight and the best part was the Internet, my ipad, and Flipboard. I caught up on all of my favorite blogs for hours and this wedding was my new favorite from 100 Layer Cake.

I have seen a circus theme done before. but Erin + Brent really went over the "Big" Top. I know I see a good wedding when my response is "how did they do that?," "that took a lot of time, patience, and errand running," and "how did they get a vendor to do that?".

See below some of my favorite pics, but please enjoy the entire write-up here.
I love that they made these benches - great touch! They hung curtains as a backdrop throughout the wedding, what a great way to frame the whole theme.

Details, details, details - the idea of putting peanuts in the drawers is so creative ... and how they covered the ketchup and mustard - I just love that someone thinks the way I would!
(sometimes I think I am the only crazy detail diva)

My favorite! Who did you get to hang these umbrellas?
A wonderful vendor with lots of patience! I LOVE it!!