Mustaches and Mayhem

Currently our team is hard at work for an upcoming event, pulling all those final details together and you know....making mustaches.

No, really! Inspired by wedding blogs that have highlighted the photo booth trend, SSP decided to create our very own mustaches for a photo booth we will have at our next event.

Left to right (top row to bottom) we have my own personal creation I call "The Surprise," "The Walrus," and "Supreme Stache."
Next "The Chopper" and "Classic Handlebar."
Last "The Record-Breaker." Which style suits you?

Suddenly have the urge to create your own mustaches? Grab some felt, a few sticks, and have a go at it! Click here for some cutouts you can use to create your own classy stache.

Feel free to pass them out to your friends just to see what they will say.