Wine Country - Day 1 - Bardessono

Welcome to Bardessono {bardi-sono} the newest luxury hotel in Napa Valley which opened its doors to an excited crowd in early February of this year.

Danielle couldn't wait to get her photo snapped in front of this famous wall which started her love affair with vertical gardens. I like to call it "environmental graffiti".

Speaking of the environment, Bardessono has been rated the second highest environmentally friendly resort in the nation! Impressive. From concrete floors, to motion sensor lights, and reusable bath products, Bardessono is really in line with the SSP take on the importance of going green.

Our yummy welcome gift. All locally grown products, all fresh, all good!

Here is a shot of the on-site dining option at the resort. Don't worry about trying to remember a complicated restaurant name, Bardessono Restaurant will do the trick. Please note the beautiful handmade tree table.

After our site inspection we were able to hang out at the roof top pool deck in a private cabana. Bardessono is one of the few resorts that offers these beautiful cabanas at no additional charge.

This same pool deck transforms on Wednesday nights into the hot spot for all locals and visitors alike. From 6-9 pm, the resort hosts "Dive Bar" - a pool party with a full bar and often times a DJ. It's like Vegas in Yountville!

Welcome to the future...of toilets that is. Bardessono has a handful of Japanese toilets that have caused almost every visitor to do exactly this, take a picture in a restroom! I am not going to get into the mechanics of how this toilet works, but rumor has it YouTube has videos if your interest is sparked.

Off to dinner we went. With so many wonderful restaurants in downtown Yountville it was hard to choose. We decided on REDD and we were not disappointed. Chef Richard Reddington does a great job at creating an inviting place that serves unique food. Danielle and I enjoyed caramelized diver scallops, little gem salad, and sauteed skate with summer beans and potato puree. Excellent.

And with a book of wine options, sometimes it's just easier to go with a cocktail.

Day 2 - Bardessono

After a night of delicious food, it seemed only right to get in an early morning workout.

I know this picture looks like we had a successful morning workout, but the reality was that we didn't even make it off property. Danielle couldn't quite conquer her uncertainty of things with wheels. So instead, we found ourselves at Bouchon Bakery.

I know what you are thinking.... but how could we resist the sweet smells permeating from Thomas Keller's take on breakfast.

To make up for our guilt-ridden breakfast we decided to keep our feet on the ground and go for a walk. That's when we discovered Thomas Keller's personal garden...okay not really, but we came to the garden for The French Laundry. Little did we know that our discovery was foresight for the evening's dining plans...

Our favorites: the prime location in downtown Yountville, their hip take on going green, outdoor showers, the lavender sleep patches at turn down, the AMAZING concierge, and the yummy room amenity.

We wished: the pool would have been a bit tidier and better kept come the end of the day, more bikes ready for use, and an on-site gym.