The French Laundry ... Priceless

Last week Heather and I were lucky enough to have gotten a last minute reservation at The French Laundry - thanks to the wonderful concierge at Bardessono! Thank you!!

Pictures from the kitchen...

Below are a few pics of the wonderfully prepared tasting meal we enjoyed.

(above) A special treat from the kitchen to start off our meal.

(above) Salad of Compressed Cucumber - Yellow Watermelon, Red Chili, Cilantro & Cream Yogurt

(above) Salad of Hawaiian Hearts of Palm - Plum, Red Radish, Mizuna, and Kanzuri

(above) Vacherin Fribourgeois - Fig Tart, Marcona Almonds, Arugula, and Summer Truffle Coulis

(above) Fourme D'Ambert - Alpine Strawberries, Beets, and Red Ribbon Sorrel

(above) Migardises (Mignardises are the tiny, bite-sized desserts that follow a meal at high-end restaurants).

(above) Three of our desserts!

Opera Cake - Praline "Namelaka," Milk Granite, and Coffee Ice Cream
Mascarpone "Crostata" - Rosemary-Olive Oil Sable, Farm Peaches, and Blackberry Sorbet
Gateau Saint Nizier Au Manjari - Mango-Chili Relish, Mast Brothers Cocoa Nibs, Lime Foam, and Coconut Milk Sorbet

Being a paper girl - I loved how they designed their bill - so creative! I know you are probably wondering how much it was - my answer: priceless....