Mix Mashup

3 highly motivated hosts, 21 guest speakers, an awards program for 7 prize recipients, a grand finale champagne toast for 200 attendees, and hundreds of tweets throughout the day, added to the enthusiasm to keep the momentum going for a full 14 hours!

To set the stage, we chose a local art gallery as our meeting space – flooded with light, open and airy, a mix of natural elements, wood, plants, metal, and art. The venue was a direct reflection of what the event set out to accomplish (to explore new ideas and think differently about management), what we wanted management leaders to think (fresh, inventive, courageous, different), and what we wanted leaders to feel (an element of surprise, inspired, connected, transformed). We designed the meeting space in the main gallery with a carefully selected mix of modern designer furniture (from lounge chairs and sofas to dining chairs) to create seating that was functional, comfortable and an inspired work of art in it’s own right. Another gallery served as a warm communal dining space throughout the day, which then flipped into an evening cocktail lounge. Strong, intentionally placed, hip and modern branding (from an urban inspired entry banner to a custom-designed notebook and everything in between) kept the event exciting at every turn.

The food and beverage reflected a mashup of healthy, organic, innovative and inspiring menu items – a mix of food from San Francisco’s finest caterer and some very popular, local food trucks. The showcase was an all-day Coffee Bar, designed with a specialty coffee menu that evolved throughout the day, where leaders could meet and network in a warm inviting space, and where speakers and sponsors showcased their latest publications. Affogato with Humphrey Slocumbe vanilla cornflake ice cream, anyone? Hand selected, small production wines, a seasonal cocktail, and perfect dinner bites were a welcomed luxury to celebrate a long and inspiring day.

Even after 14 hours, our MIXers left energized to take on management for the 21st Century!